Top Home Care Aide Selection Tips for the Long-Term Safety and Comfort of Your Loved One

Entrusting your loved one to a home care aide is one of the most crucial decisions that a person would have to make in his life. It’s for this reason that you should take the time to learn what such a move entails. For one, you can start by making it a point to find a reputable and licensed home care company that you can rely on.

Best Home Care Aide Selection Tips

Take note that you may have to avail of an aide’s services for the rest of your loved one’s life. This is why investing time and effort in doing research would not only be good for your loved one in the long run, but it would also help you avoid future hurdles, especially if it turns out that the quality of the prospective aide’s service is poor. Besides this fundamental tip, please consider these other reminders as well.

Keep These Home Care Aide Selection Tips in Mind

1. Determine beforehand the different needs of your loved one.

This is very important since it would help you decide on which type of home care to opt for. Does he only need household and personal care? Or does he simply have to have someone aid him in taking his medicine on a daily basis? It’s vital for you to know the answers to these essential questions because it would also make the interview stage of your search easier and flow more smoothly.

2. Conduct a proper interview of the prospective aide.

Ask immediately whether the home care provider is properly certified or not. This is especially important if your senior regularly needs to have medical care, as the company has to have specific certifications (such as Medicare) in order to offer the said service. It wouldn’t hurt to conduct a thorough background check of the company as well.

You would also have to make sure that they are actually offering the kind of service that your loved one needs. For instance, if household assistance is the priority, will they be prepared to expertly assist in the preparation of meals, doing of laundry, bathing and other daily activities of your senior? One good way of knowing how excellently a home care provider works is if it doesn’t take too long to ascertain that they follow strict guidelines and organizational systems when rendering home care assistance.

3. Consider the personal aspect of the aide as well.

You should know whether his personality would fit or be compatible with your loved one. This is basically inevitable since they would be spending most of their time in each other’s company. Always remember that home care aid is also about fostering trust and companionship, as well as making sure that your loved one would still be able to develop personally and socially, not only with your help.

4. Ask for your loved one’s opinion as well as other close family members’.

Getting a second opinion from another family could be extremely valuable as you weigh your options. This is why you should consider asking one to be with you as you conduct the interviews. Equally important is knowing what your loved one thinks of the aide. You can do this by asking for a “trial” of how the aide renders his services. Having them spend a couple of minutes alone with each other should be enough for your loved one to determine whether the aide is well-suited for him or not. You can even opt to ask him directly about his opinion and feedback.